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If you are a fan of racing video games this one is for you. GRID is developed by Codemasters. Codemasters is also the brain behind the TOCA series -a series of racing cars and motor sport-in which GRID is the seventh game in that series. The game is made for; arcade, windows; Xbox 360 and Play station 3. The game runs on the Engine EGO 1.0 powered by steam.

The game offers the chance to grow your story and become a star within the motorsport world. The experience is unequaled as both the game and the graphics are top quality.

Start Small, Go Big

The game is a depiction of starting small; as a primary driver within other peoples’ team. The player will accumulate enough money from these races enough to buy their own vehicles. There, they are able to make the decision as to whether to race independently or keep racing within the team. If they decide to go independent, they are able to sign players and gain sponsors to help them with their course. The game requires the player to make decisions about the growth of his racing career within the game. They decide their fate by the performances on the track and the decisions they make.
GRID special feature

The game benefits from a ‘Flashback’ feature. The feature allows the player to go back up to 10 seconds and resume from where they chose to begin. The feature is however limited and is dependent on the difficulty settings for the game.

Other Features

The game has other several exciting features. The game offers several competitions with different cars for different modes. There are three regions in which the game is set; Japan, Europe, and the US. Also, the game offers different events that will keep the player entertained for longer periods.

The game is back to give the best of the racing game experience. The game is available for preorder and will be out by September 13th, 2019. Experiences your story as a player grows as you start small and grow big. It is all within your power to make the right decision and grow as a star in motorsport.