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Gris is developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital. It was released on 13 December, 2018. The new game is already being hailed as one of the year’s most beautiful games. It follows the story of a hopeful young girl who has to deal with the painful experience in her life. Her dress portrays her journey through sorrow. It gives her abilities that enable her to face and try to overcome her faded reality. As she goes through her journey, she grows emotionally and starts seeing the world in a new light.

About the game

Gris is organised in stages. The more a player explores, the more you get to understand what is troubling the young woman. The game does not have a story or plot, which means that it leaves the player to discern its meaning. The gameplay itself, architecture and statutes in the game are rich in metaphorical meanings. It has a runtime of 3-4 hours. The game has beautiful graphics, brilliant animations and an excellent score.

How you play the game

In this game, the player takes the role of a young woman named Gris. Gris is a Spanish word for Grey. Although there is no explanation or dialogue on what is going on at the beginning, it is obvious that Gris has recently been through great hardship. She then has to take the journey through a ruined grey landscape in order to find her voice back. She begins her journey terribly weak. She cannot even be able to put one foot in front of the other. The only ability she has at the beginning is being able to jump. As Gris undertakes her journey, she gains abilities that enable her move forward.


Gris is a game about how it feels to be heartbroken and how to move forward in order to overcome hardships. Although we do not know the reason why she is heartbroken, players get to read in their own life experiences how it feels to suffer from grief.