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About this game

Are you looking for fast-pace combat and a thrilling series game? Guilty Gear strive is one of the seventh instalment supported by the Guilty Gear franchise. Nonetheless, this game was created and designed by Daisuke Ishiwatari. But It was developed by Arc system works. Also, the game features a high-quality animation technique and is dedicated to all fighting games fans and players. This fighting game has several features that make many people think it could be a gamechanger in the Guilty Gear series. Here are some of its features.

Features of Guilty Gear strive

Below are some of the critical features of Guilty Gear strive

#1. Charismatic characters
This series features charismatic characters. Compared to other Guilty Gear series, the strive has wholly reworked the characters from the previous games. Also, many brand-new and captivating characters have joined the cast.

#2. Innovative Rollback Netcode
Another unique feature of Guilty Gear Strive is incorporating rollback network code that allows comfortable online play. Strive is the first Arc system game to make use of rollback netcode. This updated system allows the smooth play of online games that is more similar to offline gameplay. With rollback netcode, multiple players worldwide battle each other when playing online without experiencing a lag. Nonetheless, the system can correct input errors without the players discovering it hence simulating the local versus.

#3. The game uses more in-depth fighting game system
Guilty Gear Strive also features an easy to understand but more in-depth fighting system. This fighting game has a balanced rank system ideal for new players and Guilty gear series veterans. The new players can easily play and enjoy the matches with others, while the veterans find the system difficult and different from the previous Guilty Gear games.

#4. A variety of play modes
Guilty Gear Strive features a variety of game modes that are ideal for single players and multiple players. It features an anime movie-style story mode that is loner than a movie.

#5. Soundtrack
This fighting game also features numerous new rock songs. These songs by Daisuke Ishiwatari allows break-taking battles.

Guilty Gear Strive is a gamechanger in the Guilty Gear franchise. With the above essential features, this upcoming series will be a must-play game for game enthusiasts. With an intuitive system, this game fits series veterans and new players.