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About this game

Since the coronavirus pandemic outbreak, most of us tend to spend most of our time at home. We have played all sorts of games and watched different TV films to keep us entertained and pass the time. Now, what are you left to do? Getting bored, play around with your little kids, or engaged in some activities. But that’s not enough!

You’ll need a video game to play before having your dinner or going to bed. The best way to heighten your game playing spirits is to look for something new or with the latest update. Gunfire Reborn game should be your ultimate choice. You must be curious but hang in there for a little bit. In this article, we’ll discuss this increasingly popular and top-rated game – everything you need to know about it.

What is Gunfire Reborn Game?

The easy question is, what rings in your mind when you hear the game’s name? Perhaps it’s about shooting a gun or rebuilding a team, something like that. To cut a long story short, Gunfire Reborn is an adventure level-based game developed by Duoyi, a Hong Kong company. It features FPS, RGP, and Roguelite.

In this game, the players control their heroes with varied abilities to enjoy different play experiences. Besides, you can build diverse gameplays, use randomly dropped weapons to discover and play random levels. More importantly, the game has a design that allows users to play alone or cooperatively (Co-op) with up to four other players.

What’s more, the game comes in the latest version and boasts fantastic features. For instance, you’ll find new heroes, monsters, weapons, and varied, challenging play levels. Moreover, the game’s entry-level is random, and every new level or restart is all a brand new experience. In each level, you will meet new heroes and explore new weapons. Additionally, you’ll discover new items, checkpoints, and unique combat rhythms across the game’s plenty levels.

Why makes Gunfire Reborn special

Ever since its launch into Early Access on May 23, the game has stayed on Steam’s top 10 list of weekly best sellers this year. Besides, it has received and still maintains a 90%+ positive reviews from its users. Gunfire Reborn is highly popular due to various reasons, and that’s what makes it unique.

Firstly, the game is exceptionally playable. In other words, this game is very engaging, interesting, and it has a fantastic game interface and video-graphics. Unlike other games, Gunfire Reborn’s development team provides the updated version each week.

Currently, Duoyi Interactive Entertainment conducts a major update version of this game. The update will include new melee heroes, new weapons, new monsters, and new game difficulty levels.

New Qing Yan

In this update, Qing Yan is the new melee hero who utilizes armour for defence. So, it features exclusive armour recovery techniques with two unique skills; leap and cleave. Where leap is the fundamental skill that lets the Qing Yan to jump forwards with a hard kick. So, it hits all enemies that are 7-meters away, and the armour gets restored instantly.
The secondary skill is cleave, and it permits Qing Yan to cleave recklessly, and damage creates damage to enemies inside a fan-shape.

Game difficulty

Unlike in the past version, which had the elite difficulty level set to 120, this upcoming version will be quite a nightmare. And 40 is the entry threshold for elite difficulty level, whereas 80 is the new threshold for nightmare difficulty. Moreover, these challenging levels have highly enhanced monsters, which may be quite tricky for new players.

New weapons

In this update, Tailsman and Sting are the two new weapons included. Sting has a fire mode that instantly swivels from three-round burst to single-round burst. In the latter mode, the enemies get hit, resulting in an explosion that damages the armours of expected enemies. As for talisman, it exists as a special weapon that can shift between varied elements and locks the enemy’s weakness automatically. However, you can unlock these weapons if you start playing Gunfire Reborn sooner.

Two Monsters Added

Elite Corrupt Monk and Umbrella Spirit are the two new monsters added in this version. The first one is a super powerful Corrupt Monk who uses a demonic aura and summons perilous Large Lantern Spirit to make its mirror image. Umbrella Spirit is a monster that resembles an umbrella and likes to fly at low altitudes.

Bottom Line

Gunfire Reborn is an incredibly economical game you can download on your mobile device. You can get a 10% discount when you purchase it from Steam. It supports 17-different languages with subtitles to get everything crystal clear and get entertained. Start playing the available version today because Gunfire Reborn is the game you have been craving for a long time!

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