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About this game

Halo 4 was developed by 343 Industries to expand the ever-popular Halo series. The game’s plot continues the exploits of MAster Chief, the hero of previous Halo games, as he battles against an alliance of aliens and mechanical warriors called the Covenant. What this means for the player is first-person shooter action as you take control of Master Chief nad use an array of weapons and vehicles to explore alien worlds and take out the forces of the Covenant.

Choose your weapon
The game has a broad variety of weapons and tools for players to choose from; some are old favourites from past instalments of the series, while others are more recent additions to the Halo universe. Not all of the equipment you cna expect to use will be purely offensive: you can also obtain armour with defensive capabilities, while other tools broaden your movement. There are also items that you cna use to camouflage yourself from foes, or enhance your vision so that you can more easily see hidden opponents.

Modes of play
Halo 4 features multiple modes. The foremost of these is the story mode, in which the player controls Master Chief and progresses through a series of campaigns set in the richly-textured science fiction universe of the Halo series; this mode can be experienced by one player, or by up to four working in co-operation through network play. The other main gameplay mode is Infinity, in which each player is given the opportunity to customise their own super-soldier and send them into a match against one another. The Infinity mode itself features a number of gameplay options, from “capture the flag” to an all-out deathmatch.

Design your own maps
Like its predecessor Halo 3, the game features a map-editing tool named Forge. This can be used to customise the maps used in multiplayer games. Once you have created your map, you will be able to distribute it amongst other players using the game’s file sharing system.

Theatre function
If players really want to impress their friends, they can record footage of gameplay using Halo 4’s theatre function. Once it has been saved, the footage can be edited, recut and viewed from different angles: in other words, you can transform your gameplay session into a film to be shared with other players.

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