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The Halo game franchise is developed by 343 Industries, originally developed by Bungie Studios. Critically acclaimed, this record breaking game series has sales of over 65 million worldwide and continues to be one of the most successful and highest grossing games series of all time.

Join an Iconic Journey into an Interstellar War

War is raging between humanity and an alien alliance, the Covenant, led by their religious leaders the Prophets who worship the Forerunners, those who died defeating a deadly flood. The Halo franchise follows the journey of Master Chief John -117. Along with his companion, Cortana, an AI creation, Master Chief is part of a group of supersoldiers known as the Spartans. Together, they must fight against the Covenant splinter factions to find the Halo Array and stop its deactivation in order to prevent catastrophic genocide.

Through the game series, Master Chief and Cortana are able to destroy and disarm many of the Halo installations, often using renegade tactics to form alliances and resist the advance of the Covenant. The games span whole galaxies and the bond between Master Chief and Cortana evolves as the two meet new enemies and team up with others fighting the resistance in this high octane sci-fi adventure.

Live the Experience as Master Chief John -117

Six games are included in the Halo Master Chief Collection announced for Windows PC. A re-mastered version of Halo: Reach is also included for PC and Xbox One versions. Each game is delivered over time and is ideal both for those familiar with the game or those new to the Halo universe.