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HARDCORE MECHA is a 2D shooting game that undoubtedly delivers a fantastic experience to its players. The game was developed by Rocket Punch Games, whose goal was to provide better handling as well as give immersive experience.

The game encompasses two parts:

  • The single-player story mode is characterized by interactive cut-scenes, multiple roles, and a fiction story centred on real-life experiences. This part or segment allows the player to fight using mecha and pilots.
  • The other part is the multiplayer mode, whose control is surprisingly friendly. Bearing that the HARDCORE MECHA design is diverse, the attributes and ejection function of pilots offers excellent tactical opportunities for players. The iconic thing about the multiplayer mode in the HARDCORE MECHA game is the combination of the low verge of operation and the profound possibilities of tactics.

Which Features Does HARDCORE MECHA Comprise Of?

Which features would you love to see in your favourite game? Well, HARDCORE MECHA comprises of impressive features as listed below;

  • Diverse roles
  • Unique items
  • Stunning skins
  • elite weapons
  • different styles of mechas
  • excellent gaming control
  • hardcore combat feelings

Another fantastic thing about this game is the opportunity it provides its player to create a combination of fighting techniques. Via creating the different combinations, you can have a customized fighting style no other player can have. Cool right?

You can play the game on both the ps4 and PC, and it’s something to look forward to playing, mainly because its developers and publisher continue to evolve the control features. Moreover, you can engage in a local or online matchup to test your skills against other players.