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About this game

Hardspace Shipbreaker is a game that was developed by Blackbird Interactive, which is a Canadian studio. The game was officially launched on June 16th. You will play as a shipbreaker, and your job will be to cut up disused spaceships in order to salvage their contents. You will only be wearing a spacesuit and use a tether and laser cutter. Your main mission is to make as much money as you can from the hulks to get your freedom.

Game Features

Playing Hardspace Shipbreaker, you will emerge from your spot and jetpack over to where your mission awaits. Though the vessels are not tidy and clean, you have live electrical, pressurized cabins, and fuel tanks to deal with. This implies that going in blazing with your laser cutter is not the best thing to do. Though you can try, you won’t live to regret it.

The Hardspace Shipbreaker is a smart representation of the exciting future of space travel. The game is regarded as an exquisite expedition of the tranquillity of a task. This game has unique features that make it stand out.

How The Game Feels

The part where Hardspace Shipbreaker really gets its credit is that, as a player, your mission will be an exciting one. To be honest, the games seem to be carefully crafted with features that will keep you coming back for more. This implies that you will get satisfaction from completing even some of the simplest tasks of the game.

Once you have started breaking down the ships, you will be given a set of simple gadgets to cut and extract. However, you must not let yourself be deceived by this. Simple tools do not necessarily mean you will be handling simple tasks. You will be literally operating in a world overloaded with dangers. There are electrical systems, massive floating tanks, explosive materials all mean danger to your life, and you have to be careful with every move.

Little is a Lot

As already mentioned, the world is very dangerous, so even completing a simple task will make you feel like a hero. To move to the next level, you have to finish your mission without a hitch. However, if your plan fails, you will still feel great about yourself because you will start afresh with more knowledge and skills. For example, if something explodes, you will know the mistakes you made and how to rescue the situation next time.

Intuitive Game

If you have been looking for a game that does not take too much effort to learn, then Hardspace Shipbreaker might interest you. Once you are in, you will see that the features are straightforward, and no special skills are needed to start playing. As long as you have a strong internet connection, the game is highly responsive and easy to master. Many players love Hardspace Shipbreaker due to the fact that they can play it on the go without having to worry about complex features that demand a lengthy learning curve.

What to Be Aware Of

The Hardspace Shipbreaker is one of the latest games in the industry, but it stands out in quite some ways. While this means that it will get a long-term of support, there are a few things you ought to be aware of. As of the time of writing, the content is limited, and there are fewer ship models to deal with. Also, when playing, you might notice some errors here and there. Before you start a mission, be sure to go through the set of instructions provided. Since the game is in its initial stages, the errors will soon be ironed out.

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