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About this game

The Hearts of Iron IV is a real-time strategy and simulation single-player game that is developed and published by Paradox Interactive.

As the third country series of Hearts of Iron IV, the game, Battle for the Bosporus brings on dedicated national focus trees to the powers that are minor in the Aegean and the Black Sea. All the 3 countries, Greece, Turkey, and Bulgaria featured in this edition have the ability to chart the past events as well as alternate history paths as they battle to resist the efforts made by the powers in command to control the sea lines of the Dardanelles and Bosporus that are strategically located.
The main idea of the focus trees is for military improvement, splitting ideas, and economic development.

Other than the national focus trees, you get to enjoy new music tracks, new 3D Unit models for Turkish and Balkan armies as well as unique voiceovers for Greece, Bulgaria, and Turkey.