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About Hearts of Iron 4

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Hearts of Iron IV is a historic strategy game set in the time of World War II. The game was developed and published by the accomplished strategy game team at Paradox.

Grand Strategy From an Engaging Era

Paradox is a great team of developers, and Hearts of Iron IV is a defining game for them. The game features a single player campaign, as well as co-op mode, and multiplayer with cross-platform support.

Players take command of an army on some of the real battlegrounds from World War II. Fight not just on land, but on the sea and in the air. Command tanks, ships, planes and infantry and consider whether to deploy some of the era’s terrifying weapons of mass destruction. The game plays out on a topographical map over the time span of World War II, with seasons, terrain and weather that changes in a realistic fashion. The impact of the weather – storms, snow and muddy terrain – can be a powerful ally or can turn the tide of battle against you.

Politics and Destruction

Choose to fight or choose to form alliances. Use the game’s diplomacy and political system to form factions and to trade for resources to help your side in the war. Research technologies as the war goes on, so that you can get an edge against your enemies. Download mods or take advantage of the DLC offers to keep the game fresh. The historically accurate factions have their own unique traits and units for you to play with.