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Heavenly bodies is a game about the body, cosmonauts, and the absence of gravity. It is a game that was developed and published by 2pt Interactive.

The heavenly body is an interesting game where you will discover the forever-changing nuances of motion without weight in this challenging game featuring a group of stellar scenarios inspired by the space feats researchers and explorers throughout history.

Wrangle control of your cosmonaut,s arms using the right and left thumbsticks to pull, push and clamber through fully physically stimulated situations abroad a scientific research station, with a friend, or alone through a local co-op.

Using only radio contact with task control as your aid, you will need to use your brilliant mind dexterous limbs to collect( assemble) space telescope cosmic research botany and maintain delicate solar arrays.

However, without gravity, there is nothing still, nothing is simple, and nothing is secure. Therefore, gravity is required.