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About this game

Hellsplit Arena is a first player horror VR action game made by Deep Type Games. It takes place in the Middle Ages where a VR warrior has to wade through hordes of weapons, brandishing undead. The game is gruesome with slashing, cutting and dismembering happening all around the main character. The skill and endurance of the player determine the outcome of the game.

In the VR game, you the player and the character are the same person. It has a realistic feel from the deathly gallows to the open. The avatar mimics all your movements with precise accuracy. Besides, the battles are realistic with weapon capabilities coming close to what they would do in real life.

As the game is based on middle ages, the weaponry consists of swords, axes, clubs, knives, hammers and spears. Other available gear includes body armour and shields. Besides, the game has an achievement system where winning a lower level opens a new mode.

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