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About this game

Help will come tomorrow is a multi-player video game produced by Arclight creations and published by Klabater.
This game explains how a group of people made it out in the Trans-Siberian railway train’s furtive devastation. These people had to endure a punitive ice-clad weather condition while waiting for rescue. Yes, they must face numerous dangers and, via their flaws and prejudice, they must win in the end. As you all know, unity is strength; people from diverse social classes must come together regardless of the different beliefs.

The games focus on how these people will survive as they make their way out of the environment surrounding the Trans-Siberian railway. These survival tactics include security, food, and so forth. Learning about each personality is not easy as it may result in conflict; instead, you can choose selfish but very cooperative. For you, together with your group, to win, you have to discover the place’s history while expanding the camp.