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About this game

Heroes of Hammerwatch is an action adventure rogue lite game developed and published by Crackshell.

Hammer It Out!

Heroes of Hammerwatch is set in the same game universe as Crackshells’s original Hammerwatch with the same lush arcade style pixel art and the same attention to detail. The player starts out in a town called Outlook and then sets out into the procedurally generated world to begin their quest. This procedural generation means that each run through the game will be different with different loot, enemies and bonuses. The town of Outlook itself is upgradeable with buildings that can be upgraded which brings extra bonuses that will aid the player in their quest. Co-op play with up to three friends is included in the game adding an extra level of challenge.

Rogue and Roll

Rogue type games are gaining in popularity though some prefer their rogue challenge to be a little less brutal. Heroes of Hammerwatch manages to get this balance just right and the game is tough but not extreme. Each time the player dies (and they will die!) they begin again but hold onto any experience gained. This mechanism softens the blow of starting again as the player is allowed to build up their powers throughout the game. Rogue-like games are known for their addictive qualities and unforgiving difficulty. Heroes of Hammerwatch takes this formula and adds its own more player friendly ingredient to the mix in a very successful and fun game that should keep the most demanding and experienced player coming back for more.