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About this game

Hidden through time is an object finding game developed by Crazy Monkey Studios.
It is a game that lets the players find objects hidden throughout the history of humankind.The game starts from the pre-historic era where men still lived in caves and how they lived with animals that are now extinct with no enmity between them.

The history then proceeds to different historical times and events that have happened over time. Some of these times include Ancient Egypt times and Wild West. These eras are playfully and creatively displayed.

Throughout the game, players are given hints and clues of the objects they have to find. Objects to be found are displayed at the bottom of the screen, with little characters moving on the screen to boost the players’ memory. The soft soundtrack in the background keeps players relaxed as they search for details. Levels in the game get harder as players progress. The levels get harder because you have to find more objects and increase your focu

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