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Developed and Published by Squanch Games, Inc., High on Life are a single-player action and adventure game. In the game, the player has the full responsibility to restore normalcy or safeguard humanity from the G3 alien drug cartel. It is exciting and appeals to most video game enthusiasts. Here is more about the game.

High on Life Gameplay

As the player, you are fresh out of high school without any job, ambition or anything lined up. As such, you have a lot of time on your hands. You soon learn of the invasion of an alien cartel that wants to get a high from humanity. After learning this, you and a team of talking guns will answer the call to be heroes and become bounty hunters of this alien. It is a huge role for you. You will also have to travel to various biomes and locations in this cosmos and fight Garmantuous and his team of goons. During your journey, you will collect loot, meet up with unique characters, and enjoy the adventure to the fullest. It is an adventure that every gaming enthusiast should take on.

Features of High on Life

Here are some exciting features of the game and how they impact one’s gameplay.

• Teaming Up with Talking Guns: In the game, you will get to rescue and team up with talking guns to rescue the Earth and humanity from this monster.
• Smooth Navigation: You can expect exciting gameplay from the co-creator of Solar Opposites and Rick & Morty. The game’s smooth navigation offers you an excellent chance to change worlds from jungle paradise to the hub’s cosmos.
• Hunter Challenges: Given that the game is about defeating the bounties, uniting with guns, and saving the earth, you will have fun with the hunter challenges. With high-quality graphics, you will have fun saving humanity.