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About this game

The game follows the adventures of Mikola, who tries to save his home. It is the first of many games in the series featuring an adventurous and witty theme. Inspired by the US historical prohibition period, the game is set in Ukraine and involves Oil exploration. Execution strategy is borrowed from Franklin County moonshine but fused with modernity in a different location.

The main character exhibits naivety as he goes about fending for his family. His innocence makes the plot hilarious with some touch of creativity. The game follows his adventures as he hacks everything to make life easier.

Developed and published by Mikola Games, the game is 2D single player and can run on both 32 and 64Bit processors. Any OS between XP and Windows is admissible with 2GB RAM. It occupies 3GB and uses a Version 9 DirectX system. The developer recommends the use of Gamepad.

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