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About this game

Hitman 2 is a forthcoming stealth game that is developed by IO Interactive (IOI) and Warner Bros is the publisher. Interactive Entertainment for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Microsoft Windows. It will be the 7th entry in the video game series of the Hitman and the sequel to the video game called Hitman, which was released in 2016.


During a live stream, WB Games announced Hitman 2 on 7 June 2018; the game is set to be released on 13 November 2018. However, people who pre-order the game’s collector’s edition or gold edition will definitely gain access to the video game on 9 November (four days earlier). Hitman 2, unlike its predecessor, won’t be episodic.

Hitman 2 is going to have 2 paid expansions following the game’s release, adding weapons, outfits, sniper maps, missions and locations.


The gameplay will be the same as its predecessor, which was released in 2016, as Agent 47; a contract assassin who works for the ICA (International Contract Agency), travels to locations all around the world to kill high-profile targets.


Hitman 2 features a total of 6 missions set in 6 different locations. One of these missions is going to take place at a Miami, United States-based racecourse.

The game has introduced concussive gadgets, which the player can use to render NPCs unconscious. It also reintroduces the briefcase, which enables the players to conceal as well as carry large weapons, like sniper rifles, in public places without arousing suspicion.

Cooperative Multiplayer Mode

The announcement of the game was followed by co-op multiplayer mode release called Sniper Assassin, which is available immediately to people who pre-order Hitman 2.

The Cooperative Multiplayer Mode will be bundled with all the Hitman 2 copies when the game is released. In this mode, the player is tasked with eliminating targets using a sniper rifle and this is within a time limit that is set.

Stone, Knight and Solo

Players can also play as Stone and Knight, both of them having access to unique types of ammo. Also, this mode can be played solo.


After its 2016 predecessor events, Hitman, Agent 47 sets on a mission of hunting the mysterious Shadow Client; he disassembles his militia while learning the hidden truth regarding his past.