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Hob is an open-world action adventure games developed by Runic Games in August 2015. Runic games are an award winning studio who have developed the popular game Torchlight I and II. You can enjoy the intricate and ingenious game by solving puzzles while exploring stunning landscapes as you aim to save the life and transform the planet. Hob was released in Windows and PlayStation 4 in 2017.


Hob is renowned for its stunning visual style adventure. The player takes the role of a hero in a beautiful yet dangerous planet which is on the verge of annihilation. The player has to navigate through this world he/she find themselves in as they search for answers as the story progresses. A main feature of this game is that there is no text or dialogue to tell the story, thus leaving room for interpretation.


For you to succeed in the game, you will need to have skills that help you survive in a hostile environment that is constantly changing. This will ensure you reach places that were previously inaccessible as you try to save the planet and transform it to your liking. In Hob, you will be guiding a character through the desolation and solitude of the planet in unlocking various puzzles as you rely on environmental clues. One of the fun things about playing Hob is that you do not know what will be waiting for you in the next stage, thus increasing the suspense of the game and making it more fun.

Why should I play Hob?

If you are looking for an emotional, interesting and effective game to play, then you cannot go wrong with Hob. While it is an open rustic environment filled with fantastic animals where you can freely navigate, you will need to get past the blocked passages by solving the puzzles at hand. Hob also has an attractive cel-shading cartoon design which enhances it appeal. The protagonist also has an appealing character design. In addition to the cleverly designed environmental puzzles in the game, the combat features of the game are also satisfying.