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Hot Wheels Unleashed is an arcade racing game developed by Milestone as part of the Hot Wheels series.


Players can drive a variety of cars with the best features and unique designs. As a driver, you will be racing to beat time, your rivals as well as gravity. You can also unlock premium cars and other extraordinary items that will improve your ride as you tackle different challenges.

You can race side by side with your friend in the 2-player local split-screen mode or play with up to 12 players online. The game has numerous grounds and environments for the race, plus you can also employ your creativity to create your unique tracks. The interactive environment is also available off the track, where you can use objects to create a circuit. You can even use the collected objects to create a racetrack inside your own virtual room.

You are only required to bend and stretch the orange track piece to create any design possible and then add loops, boosters, obstacles and interactive elements. Players can share their creations with other players and also enjoy the tracks made by other players from all over the world.



The garage is a once-celebrated car shop that was left in ruins. You can add some features, like neon lights and a tack, to personalise the garage. The garage can also serve as a unique racing environment, thanks to obstacles like tires, vehicle parts and the debris scattered all over the place. You can also create more insane tracks in the side room, a small, abandoned warehouse with various machinery.


Bring the fun to a whole new level by racing up inside the unfinished skyscraper. You can build your tracks across different floors and take them outside to enjoy the spectacular views and the sunshine. Remember that you have to use gravity to your advantage.

College campus

Here, you can create your tracks through the various rooms inside your college, from the library to the lecture halls, science labs, hallway and many more. All these rooms contain all the elements you need to for unlimited fun.

Skate park

The skate park provides the perfect surface for your hot wheels. You can show off your insane tricks as you speed across the gym, basketball court and the massive bridges. Remember that gravity is another invisible rival to beat.