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About Hunt Showdown

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Hunt: Showdown is a match-based first-person monster hunting shooter developed and published by Crytek, best known for their Crysis and FarCry games.

The game is set in the late 19th century Wild West. Players are members of a secret society that take on high-risk, high-reward monster-hunting bounties. Insidious, dark creatures await your every movement. Success will not be easy; one-mistake could cost everything. You must act quickly as other bounty hunters target the same prey and anything that gets in their way. There is no let up as the tension mounts; even the environment can turn against you.

Unique thematic challenges

Hunt: Showdown drops you into richly themed Louisiana swampland infested with nightmarish creatures. There is a staggering variety of customisation options, weapons, enemies and bosses. Maps and missions are procedurally generated to present a unique, unforgiving challenge every time. Success will reward players with improved weapons and experience but die and your character and equipment are lost forever; the only saving grace is that the experience will be passed to your successors through your bloodline.

Co-operative hunting

The game was developed as a spiritual successor to the Darksiders game, with cooperative action in mind from the start. Five teams of two set out to hunt their prey and claim the bounty. However, even if the monster is slain, there is no chance to celebrate; the bounty has not yet been claimed. The successful pair becomes the target of the remaining teams in a tense hunt for survival and glory.

Hunt: Showdown is a uniquely challenging and atmospheric blend of PVE and PVP co-operative action.