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Imperator Rome is a phenomenal game that is taking the world by storm. The game’s popularity is continually rising since its launch in April 2019, gaining over 470 541 players to its current record. Imperator Rome is a virtual strategy wargame developed by Paradox Interactive. The game’s plotline involves re-enacting the Roman conquest in 350BC in an area spanning 7000 cities.

Imperator Rome Magna Graecia Content Pack is an additional package that opens up new areas in the Magna Graecia region. This supplementary pack features new missions planned at restarting the Greek glory through rebuilding famous cities like Athens, Sparta, and Syracuse.

You can build a new empire while battling for limited resources with the Imperator Rome Magna Graecia Content Pack. This new feature provides access to the new regions allowing other conquests in the new areas.

Paradox Interactive is the strategy game think-tank located in Sweden behind Imperator Rome’s Magna Graecia Content Pack. The developers have other subsidiaries, namely Paradox Development Studio, Triumph Studios, White Wolf Publishing, Harebrained Schemes, Playrion that deal in game production and development.

The Magna Graecia Content Pack offers a chance to go a step further in Imperator Rome’s gameplay. It is a must-have for strategy game enthusiasts wishing to further the game.

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