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Imperator Rome is an impending war game that involves outstanding tactic that has been designed by Johan Andersson and published by Paradox Interactive. It is a development of Europa Universalis Rome that was released in the year 2008. The game is expected to be released in April 25 2019 and it does consist of a number of features that are related to system of Rome Empire. The leader organizes his empire that is made up of a number of towns and has a strong well organised military that executes unique war styles to win in battle. The player guides the population through change of time and events ranging from inventions, laws, music and execution plans in battle.


The Kings make decisions freely and ensure implementation of laws, in the system there is also arise of traitors within hence need to come up with strategies to handle situations in case of unexpected change. Factors like economic importance and strategic location of a town dictates its population density. Towns with ports and forts are strongholds hence have more settlements. Slaves and more active population are of importance to your empire but very increased population may strain the food supply. There are also challenging situation such as hostile neighbours and some you get into dispute with.

The game also involves embracing of religious beliefs, in your guidance, ensure eradication or minimal arise of religious conflicts. The trading system should be favourable and more flexible such that you are able to exchange goods; this helps in regulating the surplus produce and acquisition of goods that are not produced in the empire. You can also acquire slaves by trade, they will help increase your production. Weapons are also acquired and this equips the armies better. Keeping of surplus produce at home is also essential as this increases bonuses and benefits when there is decreased produce.

Decision making

The player has to make critical decisions so as to ensure stability when guiding families through three centuries and ensure creation of heroes that are of importance to the empire. Embrace the best battle tactics taking an advantage of the terrain, using the large number of force well and take advantage of rough ground to win battles.