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About this game

In Other Waters is a minimalist game that should be appealing to people who like nature documentaries. It is developed by Jump Over the Age and distributed by Fellow Traveller.

The game tells the story of xenobiologist Ellery Vas, who goes searching for her missing partner and in the process stumbles on extraterrestrial life. When she arrives on planet Gliese 677Cc after being called by Minae Nomura, she finds only an abandoned base. With not much more than a weird AI and a malfunctioning diving suit to guide her, she quickly finds herself floating in an ocean of secrets.

You play the role of the AI. Your job is to keep Ellery safe and guide her as you dive deep into an alien underwater world. Slowly you uncover the planet’s dark history and unique life, while the bond between you and Ellery is tested to its limits by the secrets you slowly unravel. All this time Other Waters asks questions about the meaning of human life in a time of massive environmental destruction. For life to survive, it has to change.

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