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Infested Planet is a real time strategy game developed and published by Rocket Bear Games.

We’re Surrounded!

Infested Planet pits the players five soldiers against one hundred thousand alien bugs in this top-down action strategy game. If the odds weren’t bad enough the player has to take into account that the bugs are constantly evolving, creating a never ending chase to level the playing field from the players perspective.  The player will find that a gun he is successfully using at one moment becomes redundant as the alien bad guys evolve and become impervious to that particular weapon. In-game money earned from successful missions can be used to purchase upgrades or other enhancements like a helicopter strike against the masses.

Survival Is The Key

The alien horde is relentless and that is the fun of the game, a satisfying gun-fest of tactical combat, fighting wave after wave of bugs with the constant need to upgrade and develop newer and better strategies to stay alive and outwit the alien enemy. There are many game mechanics involved in the campaign mode with story based missions available that may pit the player against the clock or force them to defend a convoy. In random missions the objective is purely to survive and take as many alien bugs down as possible.  With procedurally generated maps, numerous types of units and randomness in the mutation system of the bugs, the game creates a complex and exciting challenge for fans of real-time strategy combat.