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Insurgency: Sandstorm, a forthcoming tactical first-person shooter (FPS) game was developed by NWI (New World Interactive). Focus Home Interactive SA is the publisher for Linux, Xbox One, MacOS, PlayStation 4 as well as Microsoft Windows. It’s the third instalment in the series of the Insurgency. Focus Home Interactive SA announced the game on 23 February 2016.

Plot and Gameplay

Several years ago, in a setting that is familiar, the sandy streets of the Iraqi village. Insurgency: Sandstorm’s narrative tone shifts the normal shooter inspiration away from the blockbuster military power fantasy films more towards a dark, understated indie movie rooted in reality.

Players Mission

With the depth to Iraqi village, in Insurgency: Sandstorm’s narrative, the player has to look beyond the surface, which is away from these normal streets, in a dark room, behind closed doors to discover the female protagonist. Radical insurgents have enslaved her together with her sister plus other young girls.

A sandstorm immerses the village and all of a sudden fighting erupts; a hole is blown in the wall by chance and the girls manage to escape. The protagonist is then separated from her friends and sister due to the confusion caused by the storm. She’s by herself, wandering in the desert.

The Present Day

The Protagonist enlists with a rebel faction and fights against the radical insurgents. Together, they push through the battered villages and hit the insurgents very hard. One day, some information is discovered and the world of the protagonist isn’t what it seems.

Personal Quest

She manages to break free from the main group’s security to embark on a personal quest. She is accompanied by another female fighter, who is the protagonist’s best friend held captive together with her years earlier.

On the journey, they are accompanied by two foreign vigilantes: a French native who has never seen a fight and a Middle East combat veteran from the United Staes. Several challenges emerge on their journey, and without a military force to help the player, that force might become an obstacle.

Road-Trip Story

Typically, the narrative of the game is a road-trip story. It is about these characters who bond through the numerous challenges that arise.