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Into the Breach is a strategic role play game developed by Subset Games. It was released on 27th February 2018 for Microsoft windows. There are macOS and Linux versions planned.


What remains of human life must be protected from an alien threat, called the Vek. The player controls the soldiers/pilots who operate the huge fighting machines called Mechs. It is then all about tactics and learning from each attempt to overpower the aliens. You can see what the aliens will do on their next turn and you have to carefully plan your next move. You must protect humanity whilst also ensuring your Mechs don’t die.

Comparison with FTL (Faster than Light) game

Very much like the FTL game also by Subset games, Into the Breach is separated into a series of islands with a number of tasks to complete. After accomplishing the first island, the player can then choose which island to protect next. The islands give the player different situations and some are more dangerous than others. Completing the more treacherous islands can lead to greater rewards. Gamers have reported that there are generous unlockables in comparison to FTL.

Good News

After a successful game you will be able to send one pilot back through time (pilots are generally obtained by completing islands). Choose carefully which pilot you send as they will keep all of their skills ready for your next game. This is great news as it can be frustrating when a failure in a game means starting again from scratch.