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Iratus-Lord of the Dead game is a turn-based strategic rogue-designed RPG that is brilliantly set in a dim dream universe. The player Leads a multitude of the undead to assist a furious warlock in his journey to get to the surface and cause death to the human realms! You experience the captivating journey behind the falling of the extraordinary sorcerer and his startling discharge from an unceasing jail. He gets into a dull and degenerate world that is ready for gathering! However, legends without a primary adversary get easily bored so you can genuinely unleash dread on your journey for retaliation in the game.

Iratus is not a warrior

All things considered, why prepare your body for battle when the dead can do it for you? Instead of doing his dirty work for himself, Iratus utilises his warlock capacities to control the dead. Why go to battle when you have many followers who are willing to help?

Raise your military of undead followers by gathering body parts from your crushed adversaries. When he’s out of battle, Iratus uses his magician aptitudes to bring to life a military with the bits of his crushed foes. You can even give one of a kind capacities to your army. Iratus is not some dying heart legend- in reality, his blood siphon likely wilted into a chunk of coal a few hundred years back. In this case, a pretty maid in trouble is a pack of bleeding meat to be killed for more parts to be utilised in creating his army. In any case, don’t stress, regardless he has a magnificently dim comical inclination as he approaches his horrible business, which is very interesting. For what reason be a detestable lord if you aren’t having a great time doing it?

Your military will strike dread into the lives of many. If an adversary loses enough of their rational soundness, they can choose to escape. In case you’re more fortunate, they can die of dread. Since the dead have different fears from people, it’s helpful to abuse those fears with as yet beating hearts. Turn-based battle framework with more than 50 distinct abilities for your army is pretty impressive. Each fight is one of a kind. Concentrate your foes’ qualities and shortcomings to accomplish triumph
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