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The first person shooter battle game, Islands of Nyne: battle royale is brought out by Define Human Studios, an Amercian developer.

The game is fastpaced and set in a sci-fi universe where anything can happen and where only one single person can emerge the victor. You can play on your own, you can team up with a friend or queue up as a 4-player Squad.

Don’t be Fond outside the Plasma Field

You play as a human and you’ve been chosen by Nyne, an alien race, to fight in the bloodsport of Battle Royale. With 99 other players, you’re taken to a floating island arena where you look for weapons, avoiding being spotted by other participants.

As the game moves on, you’re forced into smaller areas and if you find yourself outside the plasma field, you’re vaporized to death.

Your Skills are Tested to the Hilt

You’ve got to be super alert and skilled if you want to survive. You’ve got to drop into alien-built arenas in order to find weapons. Each of the arenas has been engineered to provide an obstacle-ridden battlefield for players. The game has an interesting setting amid thick jungle islands with thatch huts.

Players will love the bright graphics and with sniping, you can hide behind all kinds of island vegetation or rocks. With the enemy, you can also make use of the shotgun.

The game has been designed to reward those who think cleverly and strategically. It’s not going to be easy by any means and you’ve always got to be one step ahead of the advancing plasma field. Once you’ve found weapons and gear you have to hunt down other players, but with The Nyne only accepting one victor, you’ve got to do all it takes to come out alive.

Battle Royale is certainly going to put your wits to the test. Have you got what it takes for combat? The idea is to play against others and advance in rank and also unlock special tier armour, setting yourself aside as an elite. You’ll be able to earn weapon skins, game credits and more – it all depends on how long you can outlast and outwit.