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ITTA involves a bullet-hell fantasy video game positioned in a universe full of barbaric bosses. The video game has been motivated by themes of individual struggle. The moment ITTA awakes and discovers that she is encircled by her deceased family members, her sole guide is a mysterious soul that assumes the form of a cat that belonged to the family and who presents her with a gift of a glowing revolver for safety.

As ITTA, video gamers have to seek out the extraterrestrial beings locked away underneath this harmonious universe and go one-on-one against them in distressing combats. From large ancient zombies to toothy fearful, ITTA’s expedition will push both the video gamer and her beyond their limitations. Fortunately, the video player can alter the battle strategy by looking for armaments that have special attack styles, and whenever the combat gets too resilient, switch on the invincibility or player destruction multipliers any moment you require to.

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