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About JianPo

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JianPo is an enticing action game published by Cubegame and developed by Li You Xiansheng. This game will keep you on your toes as you strive to unveil the origins of the spiritual realm.

JianPo starts with you discovering that The Mysterious Island and Gorgeous architecture are now a ruin. What caused the destruction? You can unveil the cause as you proceed with the game. To find it, you need to reveal the source of the famous sword, otherwise known as the spiritual realm. Your task will be to fight and defeat the swordsmen. Every time you win against a swordsman, you might get their sword core. With it, you can transform into the fighting mode and shape of the swordsman’s spirit. Collect magic weapons to explore, grow up and fight your contender’s better. Your enemies all have different fighting abilities, so be prepared for tough fights.