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SpaceCan Games’ Juicy Realm is a roguelike twin-stick shooter game, published by X.D. Network. The world’s plants have evolved unexpectedly quickly and developed sentience, using it to overthrow humans and take their place at the top of the food chain. Due to their arrogance, humans did not realise that the plants would take over until it was already too late. Now they are struggling for survival in a cartoonish, plant-ruled world.

Defeat the Plant Overlords

Players take the role of a soldier tasked with researching and fighting the encroaching plants before they run rampant over the whole world. They choose one of five characters, each with their own weapons, gear, and abilities to battle sentient killer fruits like uzi-toting pears and exploding blueberries in an attempt to beat back the plants and retake the humans’ place in the hierarchy. They will set up base camps in deserts, frozen wastelands, and weird underground tunnels filled with brightly coloured glowing mushrooms as they fight their way through several maps across the plants’ territory. As the game progresses they will collect weapons like the ATM gun which fires money instead of bullets, as well as armour and other items to help them survive. The game features bosses at the end of each area like the giant red-eyed cactus, which forces players to dodge quickly out of the way as it pounds its metal-spiked fists into the ground. Players will have to take care and prepare well, however, as if they die at any point they will have to restart the game from the beginning. The game is for one or two players, and is available on consoles and PC.

Awards and Development

Juicy Realm has already been nominated for several awards including the Excellence in Visual Arts Award from indiePlay, which it won. SpaceCan’s two-man team consists of producer, designer, and programmer Tyreal Han, and artist and composer biboX. Both are long time gamers, and this is their first game for PC and console. It was in development for a year before release.