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Just Cause 4 is an upcoming game that has been developed by Avalanche stores. The game is action adventure and is set to be made available on PlayStation4, Windows and Xbox One on December 4, 2018. The release date announcement was made at Microsoft’s E3 conference 2018.

About the Game

The Just Cause 4 game is set in the South American Solis world and will cover Rainforest, Desert, Grassland and Alpine biomes with each having extreme weather conditions such as lightning and sandstorms which as a player you will use to your advantage.

An interesting thing to note about Just 4 game is that Rico Rodriguez will be making a comeback much to the joy of many game lovers. Rico will be fighting with a gang known as The Black Hand and trying to win over them. In the game, Rico will be gaining his chaos rating by working closely with his followers known as the Army of Chaos. Gaining more chaos points will mean defeating the enemy.

The Uniqueness of Just Cause 4 Game

The Just Cause 4 game is unique in that it will allow you to experiment with new vehicles, jets, and helicopters to enhance your play. The game also allows the player to choose own personal look and destruction techniques.

Other unique features of the game will be the ability to skydive without limits, ability to fight under extreme weather conditions which is a unique invention in the gaming industry.

Playing the Just Cause 4 Game will give you the experience of exploring Solis and its environs, experiencing different environments ranging from rainforests, desert, and also snow environments.


It is everyone’s wish to play a game that demonstrates innovativeness and enables us to deploy our creativity. Such games are rare to find in this competitive gaming industry. The Just Cause 4 game, however, will be a game changer in the gaming industry due to new incorporated aspects in it that are a demonstration of innovativeness deployed by the developers. This is a game that you should look out for to enjoy the best and always have an excellent experience when enjoying your day.