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Katana Zero, a 2D action platformer game, was developed by Askiisoft. The publisher of this video game is an American company called Devolver Digital.

Release Date and Development

Katana ZERO was released on 18 April 2019 for Nintendo Switch and personal computers. Justin Stander is the programmer of this game, while Bill Kiley and Ludowic are the composers of the synthwave soundtrack. By February 27, 2019, the development was announced 100 per cent complete.


The setting of Katana ZERO is neo-noir and the player controls a katana-wielding killer for hire who uses Chronos. Chronos is a deadly drug with the capability of manipulating time, allowing the assassin to predict the future. Also, the game has a real-time conversation mode that you can interrupt.


The game includes no health bar; being hit leads to instant death, just like the top-down shooter game Hotline Miami. The player has to overcome the enemy however the situation requires them to. The character of the player navigates sidescrolling levels, trying to destroy all the enemies found in that level using environmental traps or his blade. The player character can dodge attacks using rolls as well as deflect incoming bullets with his slash.

Unconventional Storytelling

A mysterious story told through an entertaining, cinematic sequence woven skilfully into the gameplay, which twists and unfolds to an unexpected conclusion.


Katana ZERO was well received by a number of news outlets. Nick Robinson of the video game site Polygon called the game one of the most exciting games seen at 2015 PAX Prime. Mike Williams of the website USgamer called it stylish as hell and stated that the game is one of his favourites ones. Brenna Hiller of the video game blog VG247 called it far too stylish, and he complemented about the screen shake of the game could be turned down.

Copies Sold and Ranking

Katana Zero Nintendo Switch version reached a total of 100,000 copies sold within the 7 days of its release. As of April 2019, Katana ZERO has a total score of 83 on a site that aggregate reviews of videogames called Metacritic, which indicated generally favourable reviews.