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Kingdom Come: Deliverance was developed and released by Warhorse Studios in 2018. It is a role playing game that allows players to get lost in the Holy Roman Empire and the kingdom of Bohemia, fighting for ultimate victory. This game really stands out because of its realistic medieval setting, unlike any other game out there. Just the views will leave you awestruck from start to finish, before you even get started watching the epic story unfold. Amazing graphics and epic battles are promised with Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

About the game

You will take on the role of Henry, a blacksmith who has found himself in the middle of a civil war. He has nothing to do but watch as the invaders take over his town, slaughtering his family and friends before his very eyes. As Henry escapes by the skin of his teeth and grabs his sword, the only thing on his mind is avenging the horrible death of his parents.  There is a massive, open world in Kingdom Come: Deliverance with vast fields and amazing castles to behold. King Sigismund is the bad who started the war and the number one enemy in this game. There are many smaller quests that need to be faced in this game, with repercussions to every action that you make – so choose wisely. There are a variety of cool weapons to choose from, with the options to upgrade and the skills of the character developing along the way.