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Kingdom: New Lands is the sequel to the original Kingdom strategy game. This IGF-award nominated title was developed by Nojo and published by Raw Fury. Kingdom: New Lands is a quirky, indie strategy game with pixel graphics. This survival game features distilled, minimalist strategy elements and a quirky art style. Players start the game as a ruler, and must build up a following of loyal subjects who will build for you and fight for our kingdom. You will be attacked every night by a group of greedy creatures who are on the hunt for your coins. It is your job to try and stop them.

Be a Brave Ruler

Kingdom: New Lands adds a lot of new features and extra content to the original Kingdom game, while still keeping the deceptive simplicity that made it a hit. This is not a game with an extensive set of tool tips and tutorial features – a large part of the charm is puzzling things out for yourself. What are those items? What do those mysterious statues do? Experiment, keep track of what happens and puzzle out the game for yourself. Kingdom: New Lands has a huge amount of charm and replay value, and will keep you entertained for a long time to come as you work out what each of the upgrades do, and find new secrets littered all over the land. Attack, defend, build and grow thanks to the help of your loyal citizens serving as farmers, builders, archers and more.