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Kingdoms and Castles is a city building sim developed and published by Lion Shield LLC.


Kingdoms and Castles is a fun game set in medieval times with a low polygon block art style that perfectly suits the gameplay and allows for the construction of vast cities. The player starts off small with just a few buildings and villagers but with some careful planning and strategic thinking may end up with a complex castle with moat, buildings and orchards as far as the eye can see. Resource collection is key in this game and there is an element of civil planning and governing involved though this shouldn’t put potential players off as its all carried out in a simple and fun way.

Raise the Drawbridge

The world of Kingdoms and Castles features seasons and procedural weather effects which succeed in bringing the game to life. Along with tree growth governed by the AI, Kingdoms and Castles is a rich and colourful environment to play in.  The fun in the game develops as more building options become available to the player from orchards and pubs to barracks and churches. Developing an army is key to survival as at one point in the game the player can expect to be invaded by Vikings. This impending threat is what drives the game and leads the player to make sure to build enough fortifications and defenses to survive the onslaught.  Balancing the happiness of the population is crucial and good resource management aids in being able to build and maintain a strong enough city to survive the impending marauding Vikings.

The player can choose to play the game without any danger to his city by lowering the threat level in the options or tailor the amount of threat depending how confident he feels leading to some intense gameplay if the threat is high!