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No, not The North Pole. Kona is Parabole’s first person interactive adventure game, with a pretty decent reception. Released in March 2017, the reviews on Steam’s website tend to hover from 75% to 85%. Developed and published by the studio. The game is set in Canada, to the north in the year 1970. As a detective you investigate a very snowy map, which is exactly how Canada is everywhere in the country. Survive scary climate as stormy weather devours the unprepared, hopefully you don’t fall into that category. You’re supposed to be adventurous aren’t you?

Atamipek Lake

This is where the game takes place. Yeah, what a fun scenario. Investigating frozen buildings and events on the lake without any other human presence to be consumed within miles is the greatest of times. If you’re into this genre however, Parable does make a mean “interactive” game.

Tale Of Ice

It’s an indie spectator video game. The genre is an interesting one to say the least. I personally have come to the conclusion that in the modern era of technology and entertainment, there will always be niches and devoted fanbases. I respect gamers and if there’s a market for it, people will enjoy it. As a matter of perspective, I’m someone that lives in Canada and I have first hand experience in these dreadful conditions. My point is, perhaps games don’t need to be a sport all of the time. Games can be about emotions, imagination and personal experiences too. The term “game” is pretty outdated.


Relating to things is a very big appeal to a large percentage of the global population. There is absolutely no reason to condemn Parabole’s capitalistic tendencies to create something that consumers want. You may never come across someone that has lived in the conditions that are featured in this game, but there will always be a persistent group that has.