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About Lake

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Lake is a developed by Gamious and published by Whitethorn Digital and Gamious. The game is a single-player reality adventure game based on a single female character called Meredith Weiss, and set in the 80s.

Meredith is in her 40s and comes back from bright city lights to her small and quiet home town. She starts working as a courier at her dad’s firm after a high-flying career in the city. The game focuses on relationships with old friends and new faces, deciding who to speak to or hang out with or spend more time with.

The lakeside town is rural and peaceful with no technology, and the end decision for Meredith is whether to remain there or return to the lights and bustle of the city.
The whole game is an adventure, with choices at every turn, what to do for leisure, who to hang with, who to talk to. Retro but fun.