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The Landlord’s Super is a first-person Life Simulation game developed by indie Minskworks and published by The Yogscast. It is set in the British Isle’s murky midlands in polarising years of the 1980s.

This game offers single players the most ambitious construction gameplay ever seen before. Order for supplies, mix cement, build brick walls, and reach high elevations with ultimate fun. You can get a loan, revive a property, move in the locality, and attend to people’s grievances.
After that, celebrate with a pint in this entirely simulated, open-world 1980’s Britain. Also, plan and execute your actions at any convenient time of the day, weather, season, world events, union interference, and wellness.

Like drinking? In this simulation game, you get drunk, build stuff as you drink and desire. Moreover, this impressive game is localised in both British colloquialisms and American English. Therefore, it gives you the power to speak the Queen’s English while in the play. With Landlord’s Supper game, you get to showcase your grafting skills as you enjoy to the fullest.

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