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Left Alive is a start-up shooter video game that was developed and distributed by Square Enix to be released in Japan on February 28, 2019. It is compatible with PS4 and Microsoft Windows and can be accessed on the Left Alive, the Play Station, Steam, or the Square Enix websites.

The story is set on human survival from the viewpoint of three different characters during an invasion in Novo Slava in 2127. At this time combat is rampant between main authorities and the enormous mecha.

What makes the Game Special?

The game gives an awesome experience of the great power between people, machines, and their scary encounters. You will fight against powerfully armed troops, armoured trucks, and lofty mecha. You can choose your gaming style and engage in gun battles, dispatch enemies with slyness and facetiousness, set traps, and collects or craft consumables for survival.

There are three main characters in the game, and a player can switch between them at will. The developers provided a classy trailer that truly depicts the graphics in the game. As you progress, you will see the full story behind all three players and experience the story, which demands bold and desperate decisions to survive.


The developers of Left Alive promise a tactical action game with major survival, traps, and crafting systems layered on top. It also has beautiful graphics features that compel a person to replay cool scenes every time. It does not have any levelling up and special abilities. This provides a player with the greatest ground experience.

Shortly, the developers will provide a Virtual Reality feature to allow optimum experience in the game.

Pre-purchase Offer

Pre-order now for an exclusive offer. You will get a free ammo pack, destructive DLC pack, recovery pack, light body armour, and a padub weapon.

However, the game is age restricted and does not fit all gamers. It contains violence, gore, and general mature content.