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About Legend of Mana

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Developed back in 1999, legends of Mana is a video game that is action themed. It was developed by Square for PlayStation and is a fun game to engage in and unwind.

In the game, you will set off on a journey to seek out the magical Mana tree only seen in a dream. However, the map of the world is empty. Therefore, you will have to get unique artefacts and to use them whenever you wish the map to bring up towns to life.
By doing so, you will advance in the game and pass to various levels.

Furthermore, while on your journey to the Mana Tree, you will come across different sets of characters, face off with terrifying monsters and accomplish various missions as you proceed onwards in the world of Fa’Diel.

Lastly, awesome music has been incorporated into the game to complement the astounding graphics. You may also switch off enemy encounters if you want a smooth journey in the mystery world.