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Lego DC Super-Villains, a forthcoming Lego-themed action-adventure game, was developed by Traveller’s Tales, serving as a spin-off to Lego Batman trilogy. It’s also Lego DC franchise fourth instalment.

Unlike Lego Batman trilogy, Lego DC Super-Villains is the first Lego game focusing entirely on the DC Universe villains, same as the villain levels that are featured in the action-adventure video game called Lego Batman: The Videogame.

Release Date

In May 2018, Walmart Canada leaked the game; on 30 Ma 2018, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WB Games) announced the title officially. Lego DC Super-Villains is scheduled to be released in October 2018 by WB Games.

The Gameplay of the Lego DC Super-Villains

Unlike its predecessors, players are capable of creating a custom character that’ll be blended into the story. Also, as players advance in the video game, new abilities and customisation options are going to be unlocked for them to use. Additionally, the game features a 2-player co-op multiplayer mode.

By becoming the universe’s best villain, players embark on a new, exciting DC/LEGO adventure. Players will create as well as play as all-new super-villain in the game. They unleash mischievous antics, wreaking havoc in a story that is action-packed.

The Premise

The Justice League, a group of superheroes, have gone missing and leave the protection of the Earth under the care of the new superhero team, who are from a parallel universe known as “Justice Syndicate”.

Under the Joker’s leadership, who is Batman’s arch-nemesis, plus the help of a villain with a wide array of powers, who is taken in by Lex Luthor tutelage, the Injustice League decided to raise the stakes with their new newfound foes.

However, when they discover that the new heroes of Earth aren’t who they are claiming to be, the League has to uncover and stop their plans to save the Earth.

Downloadable Content (DLC)

A season pass plus a Deluxe Edition, including Justice League (JLD) DLC Character Pack and DC Super-Villains: TVSeries DLC Character Pack are going to be available alongside the video game.


Liam O’Brien is the one to voice direct Lego DC Super-Villains.