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Lego The Incredibles, a forthcoming Lego-themed action-adventure game, is based on the Disney and Pixar films of similar name. The developer of the video game is Traveller’s Tales. WB Games (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment) will release Lego The Incredibles in North America on 15 June 2018 and on 13 July 2018 in Europe.

Lego The Incredibles Gameplay

The game is the remarkable fun-filled adventure that puts the player in control of their favourite Incredibles characters. The player teams up as superhero Parr Family in order to defeat crime and then relive in LEGO forming the unforgettable scenes and their favourite moments from The Incredibles as well as Incredibles 2 movies.

The managing director of Traveller’s Tales Publishing, Tom Stone, stated that with this game, fans will be able to experience a non-stop action from both films while they fight crime together as superhero family.


Lego The Incredibles features a massive open-world hub that features iconic locations such as Nomanisan Island, Edna’s Mansion, Municiberg as well as a new city from Disney and Pixar’s The Incredibles 2. Also, the Hub features a day and night cycle. Typically, the hub is divided into districts: each district features a unique crime lord.

Players start with small crimes in each district and have to work their way up eventually to the crime lord. During the night, crime ramps up. The player can modify the appearance and abilities of their character using a customised themed to Edna Marie “E” Mode.

The player works together, combining the iconic abilities plus unique powers of the Parr family to build amazing, huge LEGO structures. With the flexible transformations of Elastigirl, the unparalleled super strength of Mr Incredible, as well as the awe-inspiring gifts of the rest of the gang, teamwork has never been this fun.

As for the first downloadable content character pack that is available in the video game, it seems like for people doing a digital pre-order in the console store, they will get access to a complete family skin pack. This Parr Family Vacation Character Pack only shows in the Steam and PlayStation.