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This game is a perfect mixture of peaceful farming, building and more of crafting with a blend of deadly battles, very intense combat and on top of that, you get to explore. Developed by flow studio in Australia, it has allowed gamers the opportunity to build homes they’ve always wanted, make them big enough and built them anywhere they wish. You are advised to have a wide range of materials to be creative.

About lens island.

This game is a quick pace crawler driven with skills with the aim of engaging various types of combats and tons of combinations. If you tend to get bored on the other side while designing your house, checking your crops or going to meet folks from the local towns, there are plenty of places to explore including the dark and deep caves beneath the island. Always remember to tend to your crops so that you can use the food to fuel you through your exploration.

Final thoughts.

Lens island allows you to explore your world and rebuild everything that surrounds you. Its main aim is giving rewards to the adventurers whether it is finding old rooms in dungeons or claiming a lost sword that you found. The game has plenty of secrets to reveal you just have to enjoy the game.