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Lethal League Blaze is an indie video fighting game. It is a 2D arena fighting game comprising of robust unique characters. The game involves an intense, high-speed ball coupled with background sound effects. It was developed by The Dutch developer Team Reptile. The game was first released globally on 27th August 2014. Since then, series of advanced versions have been released by the founders.

How to Play the Game

The game is played by four opponents who engage in a fight to the death until only one victor remains. The players hit the ball back and forth with an aim eliminating each other using the anti-gravity ball. Every hit from a player increases the speed of the ball making it harder for other players to hit back. The ball is hit using throws, strikes, parries, and bunts among other special abilities. The game platform provides for both local and online arenas, single player modes, and competitive multiplayer modes.

Development and Reception of the Game

The genesis of the Lethal League Blaze game idea is the ‘hit and reflect projectile mechanic’ game played by Team Reptile. Ideally, the game started as flash game boring ideas from ‘hit and reflect projectile mechanic’ game. The developer thereafter decided to flesh the game out of the flash prototype. Consequently, in 2014, the fleshed version arrived and garnered the crowds. The game has been the crowds’ favorite since then registering the highest number of positive reviews.

Features of the Game

The game provides for four players mode where players hit the ball back and forth with the aim of eliminating opponents. Players can play either online or locally.

Progressive in Hardness

The game begins with an easy level and hardens as you advance to the master level. The initial stage only involves hitting the ball at a faster rate. You improve on skills by learning how to use smashes and then bunts through application of special skills. Further, you begin to use the parries and learn how to counter blows. Pure psychology, taunts, marks the epitome of the game.

Single Player Mode

You can also set the plate to play by yourself against a series of opponents in the arcade. This is important for training to improve on your skills as you advance to difficult levels.

Multiple Modes and Options

One can set their preferred style, with HP, one-shot kill or points. Several game modes are available like strikers, using goals, and lethal volley…

Wicked Tracks

There is an out-of-sight sound effects which sound like an amalgam of breakbeat, hip-hop, and house soundtracks.

Online Multiplayer

You can either invite friends for private matches or head straight into a Quick Match and find a true challenge.