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Madden NFL 21 is the latest release of the American football video game series. The game is developed by EA Tiburon and is available on PC, Xbox, PlayStations, and Stadia, suitable for both children and adult players. Madden NFL 21 comes with enhanced features and new additions to give players a better experience. Some of the additions include defensive line skill stick, superstar abilities, and location-based tackles. Below are some tips and tricks to help you ace the Madden NFL 21.

Understand the New Pass Rush Moves
The pass rush moves in Madden NFL 21 have been remapped on the controller. This big change means that you can use defensive linemen and edge rushers more effectively. However, you must understand how to use the new controllers such as RT/R2 for Speed Rush, and Right StickDown is for Bullrush. Also, It is imperative that you focus on various moves depending on the player rushing the passer.

Learn Defensive Schemes
Playing defense has been the biggest hurdle for Madden NFL players over the years. For instance, most people do not understand how to use labels like arrows and circles colored differently. Luckily, you can enhance your defensive paly by using Skills Trainer and defensive concepts such as Cover 3, Cover 4, and Cover 6. Essentially, learning these schemes teaches you how to use themes and beat opponents using the schemes.

Learn How To Use X-Factor and Superstar Abilities
The NFL 21 comes with more than 50 new superstar and X-Factor abilities. This feature is designed to boost new generation stars. The ability system gives you massive advantages during clutch moments. In other words, you only need to know the knockout conditions of X-Factor and Superstar players on both your team your opponent team. This gives you a momentum-shifting edge during the crucial moments.

Become Conversant With the New Game Play Enhancement
The innovative new gameplay enhancement on Madden NFL 21 gives you great control on both sides of the ball. When playing offensive, the Skill ball carrier system gives you elusive skill moves that boost winning chances.

Enhance Your Offensive Play
Besides enhancing your defensive move, you should be equally well horned in the offensive scheme. First, know your offensive weapons. This means you should find out if you have an X factor player in your squad and use them in areas where they can bring the most of their abilities. Also, avoid being predictable and use your money plays well.

Final Words
The Madden NFL 21 comes with multiple tweaks aimed to enhance your gaming experience. You only need to understand the new features, and you are good to go. In a nutshell, the Madden NFL 21 is better than ever.