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About this game

Publisher 2K Games announced Mafia Trilogy on 14 May 2020. Mafia Trilogy contains a remake of the second game, an extended edition of the third one, and a remaster of the original one, all developed by Hangar 13 Mafia trilogy containing three games: mafia 1, mafia 2 and mafia 3.

Bundles in the Mafia Trilogy

Mafia 1: Definitive Edition
This edition is set in Lost Heaven, Illinois, in the 1930s. Part one of the Mafia crime saga.
Tommy Angelo, a regular cab driver, gets thrust into the world of organized crime. He finds himself in this situation after an unexpected brush with the mob. Tommy is uneasy about settling in with his new mob family, the Salieri’s, but the rewards are more significant than the risk.

Mafia 2: Definitive Edition.
This edition is set in Empire Bay, New York, between the 1940s and 1950s. Part two of the Mafia crime saga.

Vito Scaletta, a war hero, finds himself intertwined with a mob. He joins the organized crime scene as a last result to pay off his father’s debts. Scaletta, with the help of his buddy Joe works hard and proves himself worthy to the mob family. He climbs up the crime ladder faster than anyone else. The rewards and mob status are larger than the consequences that follow.

Mafia 3: Definitive Edition.
This edition is set in New Bordeaux, Los Angeles, in 1968. Part three of the Mafia crime saga.
Lincoln Clay, an orphan adopted by the black mob, finds his new family in an entanglement. The black mob is killed and betrayed by the Italian mafia. Clay makes it his life mission to revenge for his surrogate family. He builds a new mob family and creates a path of revenge for his old family. Clay leads his new mob family on military-grade revenge through the Mafioso responsible.

Video Graphics and Gaming experience
Mafia trilogy is 4K enabled and HDR-ready; this was made possible by Hangar 13. This game can be quickly adapted to the different types of devices you have. Lost heaven has other collectibles and motorcycles, which make the game more fun to play.

Other collectibles in Lost Heaven include; Tommy Angelo’s suit, cab, and black cat’s motorcycle pack. Other collectibles in Empire Bay include; Vito’s leather jacket, sports car, and made manpack. Additional collectibles in New Bordeaux are; Clay’s army jacket, muscle car, Classico three-piece suit, and Duca revolver. The collectibles and improved graphics make this gaming experience more life-like and adventurous.

Vengeance and Greed
Family, respect, and power are constant themes found in the Mafia trilogy. Motivations of the protagonists, Vito, Clay, and Lincoln, turn from wanting to be part of the mob family to extreme greed and a thirst for revenge. Mafia trilogy takes you through various missions that build the character of your avatar. You get to experience all emotions in the game as you play through the series.

Pocket friendly
Mafia trilogy comes at a very pocket-friendly price on various gaming sites and shopping sites on the internet. This game provides you with immediate access to mafia 3, mafia 2, and recently mafia 1. Mafia trilogy has reduced the cost of buying each game separately, making it more affordable for all gaming fans. In addition to this, the Mafia trilogy has variations available to more than three gaming consoles.

In conclusion, the Mafia trilogy is a game that you should play if you are looking for something action-packed and filled with adventure. You will not experience a dull moment as you go through the life of a mobster at different times.