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Marvel’s Avengers is described as a game in action and adventures under the superhero genre. It was developed by Crystal Dynamics, Crystal Northwest, and Eidos-Montreal. The game is set to be released on the 4th of September 2020. The initial release date was set to be in March 2020 but was put off for ‘fine-tuning and polishing’ according to a statement by Crystal Dynamics.

About the Game

Marvel’s Avengers is centered around fan’s favorite inhuman character, Kamala Khan, who receives her super-stretching capabilities, following a Terrigen Mist reaction on ‘A-Day’. The ‘A-Day’ would also be the day of the unveiling of the new Avengers’ headquarters. Tragedy and destruction would later occur, for which the blame would be assigned to the Avengers, resulting in the disbandment of the headquarters and the outlawing of all team members. The five core team members comprise of playable characters of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, and the Black Widow. In five years, Kamala Khan helps reunite the avengers for an adventure to defeat AIM. Gamers, therefore, are tasked with the objective of re-assembling the team members to face the new threat by the Advanced Idea Mechanics (AIM), run by A.I. The adventure of bringing all the superheroes together for a purpose is worth exploring in the highly anticipated Marvel’s Avengers game.

Gamers can be part of this exciting adventure as the young lady, Kamala Khan, reassembles the superheroes to fight the uncontrollable powers of AIM. Marvel’s Avengers fans from different parts of the world are eager to meet the famous superheroes in an adventure they can take part in as they enjoy the game’s creativity and features.

Distinctive Properties

Marvel’s Avengers will follow a completely new and original story, disconnected from that of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Though there may seem to have some similarities, they are just mere coincidences as the production teams are independent of each other. However, just as is with MCU, the five core superheroes remain the focus of the game. The game will enable continuous single-player, and co-op third-person play, with gamers customising their heroes and mastering abilities to suit their styles of play. The game will also allow extensive multiple player capabilities.