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Mega Man 11 is an upcoming game set developed by Capcom. In the Mega Man series, this game is the eleventh entry and it borrows some aspects of the previous games such as the 2.5D graphic style and voice acting. It features 3D polygonal environments and characters, which is an advancement from the pixels used from the previous games.

The director of the game is Koji Oda and the producer is Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. The characters are designed by Ishihara Yuji while the music is done by Marika Suzuki. The game will be released worldwide on 2nd October, 2018 and on 4th October, 2018 in Japan. It can be played on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Microsoft Windows, as well as Nintendo Switch. An alternative soundtrack is available for those who pre-order this game.

Game Play

The player is supposed to control Mega Man as he tries to prevent Dr. Wily from making use of a Double Gear system that he invented when he was in college. The player is supposed to travel through some eight stages, then battle against one of the eight Robot Masters that belong to Doctor Wily. Mega Man can get new weapons as he defeats the Robot Master bosses at the end of every level. He also makes some classic moves such as the slide and the chargeable Mega Buster.


Mega Man 11 is unique because of the Double Gear system which provides him with two additional abilities. One is the Speed Gear and the other one is the Power Gear. The Speed Gear enables Mega Man to slow down time, thus, dodging attacks more effectively. On the other hand, the Power Gear allows him to increase the attack power of his weaponry. Mega Man should not overuse these abilities as it would lead to overheating. In addition to that, Mega Man can use both gears when his health is critically low to boost it but this leaves him weakened afterwards.